Aluminium batteries can now charge a Smartphone in 60 Seconds

Aluminum Batteries – Ready In 60 Seconds!

Aluminium batteries can now charge a Smartphone in 60 Seconds. While the applications of this technology may be wide-reaching, the sixty second claim is one which should be substantiated by further evidence. Please read more about the new aluminum battery below.

Who Created It?

Researchers at Stanford University wanted to find a more efficient rechargeable battery. Hongjie Dai, Professor of chemistry at Stanford University along with Stanford graduate student Ming Gong worked on the project experimenting with different compositions and materials. Scientists and researchers believe that this new technology may represent a breakthrough in how batteries are used and disposed of. The potential for use in medical instrumentation and preventative care tools is great. Patient monitoring may be smaller and more efficient in the future thanks to longer lasting batteries.

How’s It Made?

Aluminum was chosen because it has a low flammability level, high-charge storage capacity, and economically friendly price. It is an aluminum-ion battery with two electrodes – one negatively charged aluminum anode and one positively charged cathode. This battery is also bendable, which could help with upcoming product designs and applications. A current drawback is that the battery can perform at half the voltage of a similar one of its size. Metals most commonly used in this type of battery are aluminum, iron, lithium, magnesium, vanadium, and zinc.

What Can You Do With It?

This battery can recharge itself in sixty seconds, meaning devices which don’t need to sit on the charger all night draining power in order to be fully serviceable next morning. Cell phones, tablets, laptops, and any small device could potentially be fitted with the new battery. It can be charged 7,500 times in contrast to regular rechargeable batteries, which are unable to charge after about 1000 uses.

The Future of Aluminum Batteries

Also known as metal-to-air batteries, there is some talk of Tesla building an electric powered car using this type of battery. Presumably it would run a great deal longer and provide many times the current mileage which can be obtained from a existing battery- operated car between charges.

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