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The Five Most Common Faults That Will Happen in AC and DC Motors

If an electrical motor is thought to have a problem, there are five common areas where the fault may lie. The initial problem (and most common issue with malfunctioning motors) may be with the power circuit or quality of the power supply. Breakages can also happen when there are faults with insulation or an air […]

Stop The Presses! How Does a Newspaper Press Work?

In 2008 News International built the largest printing works in the world at Broxbourne, a series of twelve presses that take up an area the size of twenty three football pitches, at a cost of £350m. The plant uses rolls of paper that each weighs two tonnes and processes three hundred and thirty thousand tonnes […]

Our Guide to Rewinding Servo and Spindle Motors

There are a number of steps that should be followed for rewinding spindle and servo motors, and adhesion to these is the most effective way to ensure success. • The old copper windings first need to be removed and this process starts in the burn out oven. Heating the old coils softens the enamel and […]

How Will Mechanical Equipment Work in 2020?

The landscape of mechanics within the industrial world has evolved in leaps and bounds during the past few decades. If this is any indication of things to come, it only stands to reason that profound changes will occur in the foreseeable future. What are some of the major trends and which challenges need to be […]

How Planned Maintenance Can Save Your Company Millions

Also known as predictive maintenance, planned maintenance on mechanical engines and other devices is one of the most effective ways to save a company a great deal of money while preventing potentially disastrous situations. There are four key reasons why planned maintenance can help your company save millions, alongside keeping major industrial equipment running smoothly… […]

How Does an AC Electric Motor Work?

An AC electric motor is named for the type of power that it uses, specifically alternating current electricity. Consisting primarily of a stator and rotor there are two different types of AC motors; induction motors and synchronous motors. Each of these two types uses the same basic principle: the stator’s coils of wires create a […]

Are ABB YuMi Industrial Robots the Future of Human and Robot Collaboration?

A new major player has recently come to the forefront of industrial robotics, the ABB YuMi, which is a pairing of human workers with robot assembly to get small or big jobs done precisely and safely. For the first time, there is robot and human collaboration in the industrial sector – robots able to actively […]

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