HW / HK / HS Series: Overhead Trolley Systems

Special SEW-Eurodrive gearmotors with integrated couplings required for operating overhead trolley systems. The maximum torque options range up to 820Nm.

Product Description

HW / HK / HS Series

Geared Motors for Overhead Trolley Systems

Special gearmotors with integrated coupling are required for operating overhead trolley systems.

SEW-Eurodrive offers a range of drives for overhead trolley systems. Drives for overhead trolley systems are divided into two groups:

  • Light Load range: Drives for overhead trolley systems according to VDI 3643 guideline (C1 standard)
  • Heavy Load range: Drives for heavy duty overhead trolley systems.

These drives are designed for transport power, transport speed and working load.

Light Load range – HW30 / HS40 Series
  • Maximum Torque: 70Nm (HW30) / 130Nm (HS40)
  • Permitted Wheel Load: 5600N (HW30) / 6500N (HS40)
  • Gear Unit Reduction Ratio: 8.2 to 75 (HW30) / 7.28 to 201 (HS40).

Light-load drives are quiet and comply with C1 guideline standards (VDI guideline 3643). They work with a reliable disengageable coupling and provide the following advantages:

 Low-maintenance for a high level of availability and productivity
 Smooth running for vibration-free operation
 Low-noise for use in skilled manual workstations
 Compact for space-saving installation.

Heavy Load range – HS / HK series
  • Maximum Torque: From 185Nm (HS41) up to 820Nm (HS60)
  • Permitted Wheel Load: From 10,000N (HS41) up to 40,000N (HS60)
  • Gear Unit Reduction Ratio: From 7.28 to 201 (HS41) up to 13.22 to 144.79 (HS60).

Particularly the heavy load range has seen a clear trend toward increasing permitted working loads. As helical bevel gear units have higher efficiency than helical-worm gear units, SEW-Eurodrive has expanded the HK product series.

Overhead trolley drives with helical bevel gear units (HK series) can now be used for wheel loads up to 40,000N.

Power consumption is reduced significantly, particularly when used in combination with the MOVITRANS® contactless energy transfer system, to ensure that your systems work with even greater profitability.

Your Benefits
  • High power density
  • High permitted overhung loads
  • Multi-stage gear unit for low output speeds
  • F37 to F157 Reduced backlash option.