A premium solution developed to drive high power applications. The power options range from 90kW to 1000kW in a 500V up to 690V power supply.

Product Description

Force and Flow in Harmony

With built-in application oriented software
  • Power: 500V – 690V power supply from 90kW up to 1000kW

The new SX inverter is designed to drive high power applications, anything from pumps, fans, compressors or blowers through to closed loop vector control required by cranes, crushers, mills or mixers.

The standard inverter has built-in application oriented software and it’s hardware design provides flexibility to the user.

  • Compact design IP54 full range
  • Built-in Filter according to C3 Class
  • Safety according to EN13849-1 and EN62601 standards
  • Load curve control
  • Logic programmability
  • Built-in special application functionality as Multi-pump control or Crane applications
  • Hardware customisation (Main switch, Liquid cooling, 12-pulse rectifier, … )
  • Fieldbus communications: Modbus, DeviceNet, Profibus