The PLA is easy to use applications module, providing configurable software blocks for a powerful and flexible method of processing analogue and digital signals.

Product Description


Dual Digital PID Unit
  • Power Supply: 24V DC
Enhance Analogue of Digital Drive Control

Designed primarily for systems integrators and panel builders, the PLA allows you to enhance and simplify any analogue or digital drive control system. It can reduce or eliminate the need for costly PLC or PC based systems.

You can use the PLA to work with a range of industrial applications. Easy to use configurable software blocks offer you a powerful and flexible method of processing analogue and digital signals.

Simple and Easy to Use

A 4 button keypad and a large alpha-numeric display make it easier to quickly navigate through an extensive range of software functions. And the included windows based configuration and monitoring software, PL Pilot makes overcoming even the most difficult of motion task quick and simple.

To make it easier for you to integrate the PLA into your control system, the drives are fully isolated and have a small footprint. The PLA have a number of fieldbus communications options, including: Profibus, DeviceNet, CC-Link, EtherNet/IP, and CANopen.

Programmable Peer Control

The PLA is also compatible with drive.web. The drive.web distributed control technology uses Ethernet and powerful graphical tools to provide robust, Programmable Peer Control (PPC) for drives and systems. The drive.web technology is infinitely scalable and cost effective for systems of any size of complexity. For typical motor control systems, it beats using any PLC on cost, performance and easy of use.