The MBT series provides low voltage continuous current (DC) motors, available in 2 and 4 pole constructions. The power options range from 0.06kW to 0.75kW.

Product Description

MBT Series

Low Voltage, Enclosed, Continuous Current (DC) Motors
  • Excitation by permanent magnets
  • Power: 0.06kW to 0.75kW
  • IP40 protection (MBT 65-82)
  • IP40 – IP20 (MBT 1141).
MBT 65

2 poles construction.

MBT 82

2 poles construction (4 poles after having studied).

MBT 1141

Only 4 poles construction.

Conditions of Use

• S1 duty
• Altitude lower than 1,000m
• Ambient temperature lower than or equal to 40 °C.


• Lifting equipment
• Medical equipment
• Pumps.


• These applications are offered as a guide only; the conditions of use must be precisely defined.
• Only the characteristics of the motors turning at nominal speed appear in the tables: 2500 – 3000min-1 and for standard voltages from 12V to 48V. These values are the most common.