MD Range – 0.09kW to 15kW

The MD Range of DC motors are available with voltage supplies of 180V, 320V and 460V, in frames 63mm to 355mm, suitable for IP20 or IP55 conditions.

Product Description

Bull Electric – MD Range

  • Power: 0.09kW to 15kW
  • Voltage: 180V, 320V and 460V
  • Cooling: IC01 and IC06
  • Frames: 63mm to 355mm

Brook Crompton’s Bull Electric DC motors are in service across the world in most applications and industries which benefit from the high performance of DC Drives.

Some of these applications include mechanical handling, elevators, steel mills, pulp and paper, printing, wire drawing, plastics manufacturing, test equipment and exercise machinery.

  • Plain shunt, separately excited
  • Class H materials but class F temperature rise
  • Wide speed range, IC01 and IC06
  • Armatures designed to reduce low speed pulsations
  • IP20 or IP55 enclosure
  • Wide range of specifications.