The MAGNA group presents a range of amazingly adaptable, intelligent, speed-controlled circulators from Grundfos for heating and air conditioning systems.

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Product Description

Electronically Controlled Circulatory Pumps for Hot or Cold Water

MAGNA pumps are a broad range of small, medium and large circulators with communication and electronic speed regulated motor, based on permanent magnet (PM) and compact stator motor technology.

Simple & Efficient

With MAGNA, you can stop worrying about pump settings. Simply install the pump and leave it in the factory, AUTOADAPT mode.

MAGNA will automatically analyse the heating system, find the optimum setting and continue to adjust its operation to changes in demand. The result is optimum comfort and minimum energy consumption. In addition, MAGNA is extremely flexible, reliable and has a low noise level, long life and no maintenance. It is equipped with IR communication and offers external control and monitoring via expansion modules.

Technical Data
  • Flow, Q: max. 90 m3/h
  • Head, H: max. 12 m
  • Liquid temperature: +15°C to +110°C
  • Operatiing pressure: max. 10 bar.

The Grundfos MAGNA is designed for circulating liquids in heating systems in apartment blocks/flats, schools, hospitals, hotels, industry etc. Pumps with stainless steel pump housing can also be used in domestic hot-water systems.

The Grundfos MAGNA is suitable for:

  • Circulation of hot or cold water in Heating systems
  • Systems with constant or variable flows where it is desirable to optimise the pump duty point
  • Systems with variable flow-pipe temperature
  • Systems where night setback is required.
Features & Benefits
  • High efficiency
  • Energy label A-rated
  • AUTOADAPT control mode as default setting
  • Integrated differential-pressure control (proportional- and constant pressure control)
  • Low noise
  • Night SetBack
  • Motor based on permanent-magnet/compact-stator technology
  • Integrated frequency converter
  • Self-venting pump housing
  • Stainless steel pump housing
  • Twin-head versions
  • Wireless remote control, R100
  • Automatic performance adjustment
  • Simple installation – external plug for electrical connection
  • 3-speed performance adjustment
  • Communication via GENIbus or LON.

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