A high performance fan blown AC brushless servo motor for applications requiring hard accelerations. The torque options range from 5.2Nm to 68.0Nm.

Product Description

Unimotor FM Fan Blown

High Output Servo Motor
  • Torque: 5.2Nm to 68.0Nm (151.6Nm peak)
  • Frames: 75mm to 190mm

Unimotor FM Fan Blown is Control Techniques’ high performance AC brushless servo motor.

Based on Unimotor FM mechanics with modified electromagnetic construction, the ‘Fan Blown’ version has been designed to give greater performance across the torque range.

Increased Torque
  • The 190mm ‘Fan Blown’ variant increases the stall torque from 50.6Nm to 68Nm when compared to the standard Unimotor FM motor. This extra torque allows for increased application performance with higher rms values achievable.
  • The motors available have been selected to give the best torque increases across the available frame sizes