Procon are manufacturers and specialist in supplies of drum motors and motorised pulleys, for a number of industries and applications to meet a range of requirements.

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Product Description

Specialist in Supplies of Drum Motors & Motorised Pulleys

Procon Drum Motors by their high quality, long life and maintenance free operation in a wide variety of applications. In many industries, they are used because of their characteristics.

Some of the industries which utilise Procon Drum Motors include:

  • In the pharmaceutical and food industries are often used because of the good cleanability.
  • In logistic systems, such as sorters, baggage handling and other applications they are used because of the compact dimensions, which require minimal shielding and because of their silent running.


Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications

These industries also accommodate various applications, on which Procon Drum Motors are employed. Some examples of applications include:

  • Pallet Jobs, turntables, transfer stops

In many places, such as esters angle transfers, pallet lifts and turntables is little or no room for a drive. Whether they’re under or next to the frame is built; it is always in the way. There is a solution:


Procon Pallet Drum Motor & Application

  • Drive for brushes

Often drum motors with a belt or brush to clean the product. There are many conceivable applications.

The drum motors are equipped with a special winding for this application, so that the heat balance is not disturbed. It is, therefore, important to specify in advance that a drum motor drive is used as a brush.


Procon Brush Drum Motors

  • Drive for (plastic) modular belts

In the food industry (but not exclusively), applications are increasingly including the use of plastic modular belts. Especially where the (raw) product comes into contact with the band, are the properties of these bands into their own. They are robust and easy to clean.

The smooth and sleek design lids of Procon Drum Motors prevent bacteria development and make nests thorough cleaning easy. Through the labyrinth seal (IP 66) with a pressure washer can be cleaned. The use of stainless steel parts makes them resistant to aggressive disinfectants.



Procon Plastic Modular Belt Drum Motors

Repair & Overhaul of Existing Drum Motors

We can also offer a repair service of Drum Motors. Contact us on +44 (0) 116 276 8686 to discuss your requirements.

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