This is a food industry application brake motor, available in an aluminium frame. The power options range from 0.18kW to 9kW.

Product Description

LSiA FCR Series

Food Industry Application Motors: iA

Enclosed, three-phase asynchronous brake motors, with failsafe brake, according to IEC 60034, 60072, EN 50281.

Single Speed
  • Power: 0.18kW to 9kW
  • Frames: 71mm to 132mm
  • Speed: 4 poles, 230/400V, 50Hz.
Presentation of Brake Motor

IP65 protection providing a good sealing against projected liquid and dust in a specific industrial environment such as the food industry.

Motors for Variable Speed Operation
Centralised System

• Fitted with thermal probes in winding (obligatory).

Decentralised System

• With integrated VARMECA variable speed drive.

Finish: Aluminium casing

Routine test, no load test, dielectric test, control of the resistance and direction of rotation.
Protection of the flange and shaft end against atmospheric corrosion.
Individual anti-shock packaging.
Stainless steel name plate.

Brake Motor Mains Supply

• Standard construction according to IEC 60038:

 230/400V +10% -10% at 50Hz.

» It is suitable for the following mains supply:
 220/380V +5 % –5 % at 50Hz
 240/415V +5% –5% at 50Hz.

• Design suitable for Υ/Δ starting

• The mains supply to the brake is incorporated; the brake motor connects as a standard motor. If the brake is supplied by a separate alternating (AC) supply this is supplied externally to the motor.


• Inertia selection (HA 71 to 100), brake torques; manual brake release
• 2nd shaft end; thermal probes
• Reduced response time; IP65 connector
• Encoders and/or forced ventilation
• Stainless steel cover.