For a small, simple and smart solution, choose Omron’s J7 inverter, ready to wire and run your application. The power options range from 0.1kW to 4kW.

Product Description

Small, Simple and Smart

Offering simple speed control for your application
  • Power: 0.1kW to 4kW

With simplicity and cost-effectiveness in mind, the J7 was designed to meet low-end simple applications such as conveyors, fans and pumps in small power applications. With on-line torque compensation the J7 can deliver 100% torque down to 1.5Hz.

For quick installation and set-up the J7 is fitted as standard with a digital operator and speed volume.

  • Easy to use. Just WIRE and RUN.
  • Good torque performance: 100% torque at 1.5Hz, 150% at 3 Hz
  • Compact size
  • RS485 and RS232 option unit
  • Programming software: CX-drive for parameter configuration