CR Pumps

Superior reliability, unmatched cost efficiency and the most extensive range on the market makes this a quality pumping solution for all industrial and domestic applications .

Product Description

Multi-stage Centrifugal Pumps Meeting All Challenges

The basic CR pump range, which applies to almost any industrial solution, is in itself the broadest range available. With Grundfos’s modular approach, they have made it even broader.

Wide Range of Models & Options

The basic CR pump range is available as standard in three different materials including two grades of stainless steel, and all-titanium versions in eleven flow sizes, capable of producing up to 40 bars of pressure, and with a variety of shaft seals, rubbers, supply voltages and frequencies.

These pump parts, typically vulnerable to difficult liquids or particularly demanding operating conditions, have been optimised to the task and designed for specific requirements.

Technical Data
  • Flow, Q: max. 180 m3/h
  • Head, H: max. 330 m
  • Liquid temperature: –40°C to +180°C
  • Operatiing pressure: max. 33 bar.

Impressive as the CR range is, Grundfos offers much more. A complete range of pump solutions means that all applications Industrial and domestic can benefit from the Grundfos touch.

Applications include:

  • Process water systems
  • Cooling and air-conditioning systems
  • Water supply systems
  • Water treatment systems
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Industrial plants
  • Boiler feeding systems
  • Washing in cleaning systems
  • Sea water systems
  • Pumping of acids and alkalis
  • Ultra filtration systems
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Swimming baths.
Features & Benefits
  • Reliability
  • High efficiency
  • Service-friendly
  • Space-saving
  • Suitable for slightly aggressive liquids
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Single pump solution enabling high pressure.