Mentor MP

Innovation guaranteeing the longevity of your production, the Mentor MP offers 2 or 4 quadrant DC Drive solutions. The current options range from 25A to 7400A.

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Product Description

Mentor MP

2 or 4 quadrant premium DC Drives
  • Current: 25A to 7500A

Leroy Somer’s Mentor MP presents innovation guaranteeing the longevity of your production.

Mentor MP integrates the control platform of the Unidrive SP, a market-leading intelligent AC drive, thus making it the first DC drive with a built-in programmable automation controller.

Main Information:
  • Unidirectional drive
  • Regen drive
  • Digital technology
  • Integrated field 8-20A, external field with FXMP25
Mains supply:
  • Three-phase 230V to 480V
  • Three-phase 575V
  • Three-phase 690V

* 2100A to 7400A – thanks to the standard integrated functions for configurations dedicated to higher power ratings or reduced harmonics.