This is a brake motor specifically designed for lifting use (U.L.), with a DC brake option, available in a cast iron frame. The power options range from 4kW to 132kW.

Product Description

LS FCPL Series

Lifting Use (U.L.) Motors

Enclosed, three-phase asynchronous brake motors, with failsafe continuous current (DC) brake, according to IEC 60034, 60072, EN50281.
Separate to the motor and the brake.
Voltage 180V.

Single Speed
    • Power: 4kW to 132kW
    • Frames: 160mm to 315mm
    • Speed: 4, 6 and 8 poles, 230/400V or 400V Δ, 50Hz.


    • Maximum number of Starts/Hr:

 For acontinuous duty: 6
 For a duty factor: S4 40% (obligatory DP rotor)
 From 160 to 180 = 180 starts
 From 200 to 225 = 150 starts
 For high repetitive starts and higher frame sizes, please consult us.

Two Speed (on request)
  • Power: 5kW to 132kW
  • Frames: 160mm to 315mm
  • Speed: 4/8, 4/12 and 4/16 poles. For other speed,s please consult us.

• IP55 protection for the motor
• IP44 protection for the brake.


• Brakes

 Brake voltage (20V, 100V, 200V or other)
 Release lever
 Brake release indicator
 Brake lining wear indicator
 Adaption for an encoder, of a tachometric dynamo or an alternator
 Second shaft end for crank handle
 Special position of the brake terminal box on request
 Electronic boost card to reduce the response time
 IP55 to IP56 protection.

• Motor

 Construction suitable for Y / Δ starting
 PTO, PTF, PTC thermal protection
 Anti-condensation heaters
 Re-greasable bearings. (except for LS 160 MP and LR)
 Roller bearings (except for LS 160 MP and LR)
 Forced ventilation
 IP55 to IP56 protection.

Finish: Cast Iron casing

Routine test, no load test, dielectric test, control of the resistance and direction of rotation.
Honing and traceability of the brake disk.

Brake Motor Mains Supply

• Standard according to IEC 60038:

 230/400V +10% -10% at 50Hz.

• Standard construction suitable for:

 220/380V +5 % –5 % at 50Hz
 240/415V +5% –5% at 50Hz.

• The 400V supply is supplied to the motor through a rectifier S0 7 or an electronic boost card.

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