Adding safety to the MR-J3 family’s industry leading capabilities, this is now the safe choice for motion control. The power options range from 0.1kW to 55kW.

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Product Description

MR-J3-BSafety Series

Safe At Any Speed – Protecting machinery, systems and workers
  • Power: 0.1kW to 55kW

Mitsubishi Electric’s MR-J3 servo family has already set benchmarks for performance and innovative technology. Features such as patented real time autotuning and vibration suppression make the MR-J3 a leading choice for machine builders world wide.

The MR-J3-BSafety now adds safety to the J3 family’s industry leading capabilities, now making a leading choice a safe one.

MR-J3-BSafety Amplifier Built-in Safety Features

The MR-J3-BSafety servo amplifier offers built-in Safe Torque Off. This permits safe deactivation of the motor power without turning off power to the amplifier. By taking this approach, the life of the amplifier is extended, and production interruptions are shortened due to faster motor restart. Panel costs are also reduced, since no external magnetic contactors are required.

MR-J3-D05 Safety Logic Unit

The MR-J3-BSafety’ safety capabilities can be extended with the addition of the MR-J3-D05 safety logic unit. This is a slim module that takes negligible panel space alongside the MR-J3 amplifier. It adds the additional capability of “Safe Stop 1”, the ability to activate Safe Torque Off after a preset interval, to prevent uncontrolled stops.

Additionally, the D05 can also reduce system cost, since it can be directly connected to safety inputs such as door switches or emergency stops without a separate safety controller. This allows Emergency Stop or Emergency Off to be implemented directly. Finally, the D05 can also control two axes simultaneously, further simplifying machine designs.