RP Series

A compact sized low inertia moment model with medium capacity for high-frequency operation. The torque options range from 3.18Nm to 15.8Nm.

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Product Description

RP Series

Low Inertia and Medium Capacity Servo Motors
  • Torque: 3.18Nm to 15.8Nm

Utilising the most advanced concentrated winding techniques and latest technology, Mitsubishi’s RP series brushless servo motors are among the most compact on the market.

A compact sized low-inertia moment model with medium capacity. Well suited for high-frequency operation.

Absolute High-resolution Encoder as Standard Equipment

Inclusion of an absolute position detection system eliminates the need for a homing sequence, approximate DOG and other sensors, helping to reduce time and enhance reliability. With these motors high performance and safety at low speed is ensured.

With Mitsubishi’s original absolute mode, an absolute system can be configured using conventional I/O even with pulse-train control.

Example Applications
  • Roll feeders
  • Loaders and unloaders
  • High-frequency conveyor machinery