FR-A700 Series

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Product Description

FR-A700 Series

The High-end Inverter: Intelligent, Flexible and Powerful
  • Power: 0.25kW to 450kW

The FR-A700 frequency inverters combine innovative functions and reliable technology with maximum power, economy and flexibility.

The FR-A700 is particularly well suited for demanding applications like cranes and lifting gear, high-bay warehousing systems, extruders, centrifuges and winding machines.


This generation of inverters has an autotuning function that can obtain all the necessary specifications from the motor in less than a minute, even when the motor is not running.

Ultra-precise speed and torque

When operated with an encoder, the FR-A700 drives impress with ultra-precise speeds across the entire control range (precision ±0.01 %) and extremely exact torque control (±10 % precision and ±5 % repeatability).

Precision without encoders

Even without encoders the FR-A700 continuously calculates the optimum magnetic flux for every operating state. This now makes it possible to use inverters for many applications that were previously the exclusive domain of DC or closed-loop vector drives.

Network capabilities

It comes with both a USB port and a connection for Modbus-RTU as standard equipment. Support is also available for Profibus, CC-Link, CANopen and the SSCNET III motion control network.

Self-diagnostics prevent downtime

This inverter actively monitors its own functions. For example, a pre-alarm is triggered automatically if the fan performance drops to 40 %.

Long service life guaranteed

Mitsubishi Electric frequency inverter drives are known for their long service life, however the FR-A700 sets even higher standards in this area. Its key components are designed for a life of over 10 years.

Comprehensive PLC expertise

The integrated PLC functions of the FR-A700 series enable precise configuration for individual application needs. In addition to this, the inverter can even control simple applications itself without any support from other controllers.

User-friendly operation

Setup is performed with the FR Configurator program, which can also download, store and document application data. Oscilloscope and machine analysis functions help the user to optimise the drive system. Data and settings from the predecessor series can be imported directly and converted for use in the models.

Four overload ranges

The FR-A700 fully supports four overload ranges, which makes it very easy to select the right inverter for every application.