Accurax G5

The Accurax G5 presents a compact, more precise and reliable Servo Drive, at the heart of every great machine. The power options range from 0.1kW to 15kW.

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Product Description

Accurax G5

At the Heart of Every Great Machine
  • Power: 0.1kW to 15kW

Accurax G5 gives you that extra edge to build faster, accurate, smaller and safer machines. You will gain almost 25% in motor weight reduction and 50% savings in cabinet space. You will achieve sub micron precision and ms settling time.

Motors Applicable
  • Accurax G5 Motors
  • G-series Motors
Control Modes
  • Position, Speed and Torque
  • EtherCAT, MECHATROLINK-II and Analog/Pulse drive models
  • Frequency response of 2kHz
  • Safety conforming to ISO13849-1 (PL d)
  • High accuracy provided by 20 bit encoder
  • Drive Programming: embedded indexer functionality in the Analogue/Pulse models
  • Advanced vibration suppression
  • Full closed loop encoder built-in
  • Double registration input provides application versatility
  • Configuration and commissioning using CX-Drive software