Junma Pulse

With the Junma Pulse, no more parameter set up is required, thus saving space and saving time. The power options range from 0.1kW to 0.75kW.

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Product Description

Junma Pulse

No More Parameter Set Up – Save space, Save time
  • Power: 0.1kW to 0.75kW

Junma series of ultra-compact, pulse-train-controlled servo drives, significantly reduces set-up time, while saving up to 44% of cabinet space. The series is the first in the world to be fully tuning-free and program-less.

  • Fully “parameterless” drive, just plug and run
  • Tuning-free technology, no gain parameters need to be set
  • Peak torque 300% of nominal for 3 seconds
  • Position resolution of 10,000 steps per revolution