Omron’s SmartStep servo drive provides an easy solution to migrate from steppers, to servos, in minutes. The power options range from 0.03kW to 0.75kW.

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Product Description


Servo Capability with Stepper Simplicity
  • Power: 0.03kW to 0.75kW

SmartStep (RJD) is designed and engineered to provide you with an easy way to migrate from steppers to servos in minutes. It accepts pulse-train input, can be configured quickly via simple dip switches and has an on-line auto-tuning function.

Thus, the SmartStep offers all the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of a stepper with the added advantages of the servo drive capability.

Motors Applicable
  • SmartStep Motors
Control Modes
  • Position
  • 300% peak current over nominal
  • Control via pulse train (speed and position)
  • Position resolution of 8,000 steps per revolution
  • On-line auto-tuning with 10 levels of rigidity.