The XtraDrive provides an all-in-one servo drive solution, fitted with an integrated motion controller. The power options range from 0.03kW to 5kW.

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Product Description


All-in-one, Servo drive with Integrated Motion Controller
  • Power: 0.03kW to 5kW

If your application demands the highest accuracy, the shortest cycle time in the most compact size and the ability to connect to ProfiBus or CAN, then look no further than XtraDrive. Complex motions such as cams, gears and linked axes are also available.

Motors Applicable
  • Sigma Linear Motors
  • Rotary Sigma-II
  • SmartStep Motors
Control Modes
  • Position, Speed and Torque
  • Patented non-linear technique for tight control
  • Very low tracking error with no overshoot and zero settling time
  • The ideal drive for linear-motor control
  • Supports various servo-motor encoder types
  • Profibus embedded