G-Series (SmartStep 2)

Compact in size, yet big in features, the G-Series ML-II servo motor is supported by a range of Omron servo drives. The power options range from 0.05kW to 1.5kW.

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Product Description

G-Series (SmartStep 2)

Compact in Size, Big in Features
  • Power: 0.05kW to 1.5kW

A wide range of compact servomotors to meet all application needs.

When used with a SmartStep 2 drive, the G-series servo motors offer the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of a stepper with the added advantages of a servo system.

Drives Applicable
  • SmartStep 2 Drives
  • G-series Drives
  • Accurax G5 Drives
Encoder Resolution
  • 10000 steps/rev to 17 bits-INC (ABS encoder optional)
  • Sizes from 0.05kW to 1.5kW, rated speed 3,000RPM
  • Peak torque 300% of continuous torque during 3 seconds or more depending on model
  • Servomotors supported by SmartStep 2, G-Series and Accurax G5 servo drives
  • Encoder accuracy of 10000 steps/rev as standard and 17 bits-INC/ABS as optional
  • Cylindrical and Flat servomotor types are available
  • IP65 as standard and shaft oil seal available
  • Motors with brake as an option
  • No motor settings required, just plug and run.