Omron’s new Sigma-5 servo motor presents a 5-star solution for your motion control requirements. The power options range from 0.05kW to 15kW.

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Product Description


The 5-star Servo Motor
  • Power: 0.05kW to 15kW

There are no compromises when it comes to the quality, reliability and performance of the new Sigma-5. It is designed to provide all that one expects from a servo and more.

Drives Applicable
  • Sigma-5 Drives
Encoder Resolution
  • From 13 to 20 bits-INC (ABS encoder optional)
  • Sizes from 0.05kW to 15kW, rated speeds of 1500RPM and 3000RPM
  • Peak torque 300% of nominal during 3 seconds
  • Automatic motor recognition by servo drive
  • High resolution encoders
  • Absolute multiturn encoder solution.