Absolute Encoders

Omron’s range of Absolute rotary encoders are ideal for absolute positioning applications. The sizes (diameter) range from 50mm to 60mm for hollow and solid shafts

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Product Description

Absolute Encoders

For Absolute Positioning Applications

Choose the performance you need from Omron’s portfolio of quality and low cost Absolute Encoders providing different resolutions, shaft diameters and connectivity options. See below for an overview of the available Encoders for ideal positioning solutions.

» Model E6C-N

Multiturn rotary encoder
The E6C-N rotary encoder provides a multiturn function for applications with rotations over 360°.

  • Type: Multiturn function
  • Resolution range (min/max): 500
  • Size: Dia 50mm (Full and Hollow Shaft)
  • Maximum force in N: Radial 30 / Axial 20
  • Degree of Protection: IP55
  • Maximum rotation frequency (rounds/min): 1,500.


» Model E6C3-A

Improved water resistant rotary encoder
The E6C family of dia 50mm incremental rotary encoders features an improved water resistance compared to standard models.

  • Type: Improved water resistance
  • Resolution range (min/max): 6 / 1,024
  • Size: Dia 50mm
  • Maximum force in N: Radial 80 / Axial 50
  • Degree of Protection: IP65f drip-proof, oil-proof construction
  • Maximum rotation frequency (rounds/min): 5,000.


» Model E6F-C

Rugged housing rotary encoder
The E6F family of dia 60mm rotary encoders features a rugged housing.

    • Stronger shaft and higher durability (120N in radial direction and 50N in thrust direction) than previous E6F Encoders
    • High-resolution models (1024 pulses max. per revolution)
    • Faster response for high-speed control applications (Grey code: 20 kHz).


  • Type: Robust
  • Resolution range (min/max): 256 / 1,024
  • Size: Dia 60mm
  • Maximum force in N: Radial 120 / Axial 50
  • Degree of Protection: Drip-proof construction meets IP64F standards
  • Maximum rotation frequency (rounds/min): 5,000.