Incremental Encoders

Incremental rotary encoders ideal for relative positioning applications. The sizes (diameter) range from 25mm to 60mm for hollow, standard and short shafts.

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Product Description

Incremental Encoders

For Relative Positioning Applications

Choose the performance you need from Omron’s portfolio of quality and low cost Incremental Encoders providing different resolutions, shaft diameters and connectivity options. See below for an overview of the available Encoders for ideal positioning solutions.

» Model E6A2-C

Miniature size rotary encoder
The E6A family of rotary encoders features a small sized dia 25mm housing.

  • Type: Small diameter shaft
  • Resolution range (min/max): 10 / 500
  • Size: Dia 25mm
  • Maximum force in N: Radial 10 / Axial 5
  • Degree of Protection: IP50
  • Maximum rotation frequency (rounds/min): 5,000.


» Model E6B2-C

Compact size rotary encoder
The E6B family of incremental rotary encoders features a housing size dia 40mm.

    • Line driver output models available.


  • Type: Standard shaft
  • Resolution range (min/max): 10 / 2,000
  • Size: Dia 40mm
  • Maximum force in N: Radial 30 / Axial 20
  • Degree of Protection: IP50
  • Maximum rotation frequency (rounds/min): 6,000.


» Models E6C2-C / E6C3-C

Improved water resistant rotary encoder
The E6C family of dia 50mm incremental rotary encoders features an improved water resistance compared to standard models.

  • Type: Improved water resistance
  • Resolution range (min/max): 10 / 2,000 – 100 / 3,600
  • Size: Dia 50mm
  • Maximum force in N: Radial 50 / Axial 80 – Radial 30 / Axial 50
  • Degree of Protection: IP64f or IP65f drip-proof, oil-proof construction
  • Maximum rotation frequency (rounds/min): 6,000 / 5,000.


» Model E6F-C

Rugged housing rotary encoder
The E6F family of dia 60mm rotary encoders features a rugged housing.

    • Strong shaft for max 120N in radial direction and max 50N in thrust direction)


  • Type: Robust
  • Resolution range (min/max): 100 / 1,000
  • Size: Dia 60mm
  • Maximum force in N: Radial 120 / Axial 50
  • Degree of Protection: Water- and oil-proof structure (IP65f)
  • Maximum rotation frequency (rounds/min): 5,000.


» Model E6H-C

Hollow shaft rotary encoder
The E6H family of incremental encoders features a dia 40mm hollow shaft.

    • Wide operating voltage range from 5 to 24 VDC
    • Line drive output available (100m max.)


  • Type: Hollow shaft, short body
  • Resolution range (min/max): 300 / 3,600
  • Size: Dia 40mm (hollow)
  • Maximum force in N: Radial 29.4 / Axial 4.9
  • Degree of Protection: IP50)
  • Maximum rotation frequency (rounds/min): 10,000.

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