Drive your energy costs down for your Pump and Fan applications with Omron’s E7 frequency inverter. The power options range from 0.4kW to 300kW.

Product Description

Drive Your Energy Costs Down

For applications such as Pumps and Fans
  • Power: 0.4kW to 300kW

The E7 is designed for variable torque applications such as fans and centrifugal pumps. It is supplied with V/f control and normal duty overload rating of 110% for one minute.

A unique feature of the E7 is the energy-saving algorithm, which allows an extra saving of up to 20%. With an optional phase-shifting input transformer, the E7 dual-diode bridge can be operated in 12-pulse rectification mode, reducing input-current harmonic distortion.

  • E7 IP54 solution with robust metal chassis and built-in RFI filter
  • Adaptive energy-saving algorithm
  • Silent operation
  • 12-pulse configuration for low-current harmonics
  • Programming software: CX-drive for parameter configuration