This is an ATEX Gas Flameproof Category 2 / Zone 1 motor, available in a cast iron frame. The power options range from 0.55kW to 400kW.

Product Description

FLSD Series

Category 2 – Zone 21: Explosive gas

Flameproof totally enclosed three-phase asynchronous motors, according to IEC 60034, 60038, 60079-0 and 60079-1, EN 60079-7.


Ex d(e) II B T41 protection mode.
Paint finish epoxy RAL 2004 (orange).
Protection of the flange and shaft end against atmospheric corrosion.


IP55 standard version providing good sealing against projected liquid and dust in an industrial environment.

Mains Supply

• Standard construction suitable for the following supplies:

 220/380V Δ +10% -5% at 50Hz
 230/400V Δ +6% -10% at 50Hz
 380V Δ +10% -5% at 50Hz
 400V Δ +6% -10% at 50 Hz.