BSF Series

The BSF series, right-angle helical bevel servo gear units from SEW-Eurodrive, are available in five output versions. The torque options range from 40Nm to 1,500Nm.

Product Description

BSF Series

Helical Bevel Servo Gear Units
  • Torque: 40Nm to 1,500Nm
Low Backlash

The low backlash BSF helical bevel servo gear units are designed for torque classes from 40Nm to 1,500Nm. The permitted acceleration torques are significantly higher than these values.

Available Models

These right-angle servo gear units are available in five output versions:

  • BSF = Solid shaft
  • BSKF = Solid shaft with key
  • BSBF = Flange block shaft (EN ISO 9409)
  • BSHF: Hollow shaft with shrink disk
  • BSAF: Hollow shaft with keyway (shaft mounted gear unit).

All versions are equipped with a B5 mounting flange and optional foot mounting and torque arm. Because of this, these drive units can be optimally integrated into existing applications.

The combination of a helical input stage and a hypoid output stage results in ratio ranges which can be covered by the single-stage helical bevel and hypoid gear units or by the single-stage helical worm gear unit with high transmission quality. The circumferential backlash remains constantly low throughout the gear unit’s service life.