PSC Series

Combining flexibility and cost-efficiency and high-power density all in one premium and reliable component. The torque options range from 30Nm to 320Nm.

Product Description

PSC Series

Planetary Servo Gear Units
  • Torque: 30Nm to 320Nm
Low Backlash

The low backlash PSC planetary servo gear units are designed for torque classes from 30Nm to 320Nm.

They were designed to combine the greatest possible flexibility and cost-efficiency because not every application requires high-performance components.

They provide a basis for diverse, dynamic and cost-optimized drive solutions.

Available Models

The following types of PSC planetary servo gear units are available:

  • PSC = B5 output, smooth output shaft
  • PSKC = B5 output, with keyway
  • PSCZ = B14 output, smooth output shaft
  • PSKCZ = B14 output, with keyway.