DRE / DRS / DRP / DRL Series

Efficient, powerful and usable worldwide AC motor solutions, in a range of efficiency classes. The power options range from 0.09kW to 200kW.

Product Description

DR Series

Efficient, Powerful and Usable Worldwide AC Motors
  • Power: 0.09kW to 200kW
Modular DR Motor System

The new modular system of asynchronous AC motors from SEW-Eurodrive is a development based on the established motor series. The new DR series AC motors combines the entire range of required motor efficiency levels as well as energy efficient motors making it a future-proof innovation of the highest quality.

In the development of energy efficient motors, SEW-Eurodrive became the first company in the world to succeed in using die-cast copper technology in industrial high-volume series production in 2002. The modular DR motor system from SEW-EURODRIVE offers three different brake sizes per motor size as well as cost-optimized encoders integrated in the motor.

Diverse range of Efficiency Classes

All other additional features of the new DR series are available in all energy efficiency levels.

The DR motor supports all energy efficiency standards worldwide and already meets the upcoming IEC standard. They bring a whole range of unique benefits to planners and users. One single series for millions of drive combinations

Minimizing Losses

In an AC motor, the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy is never loss-free. The goal of many international regulations, directives and standards is to reduce the amount that is lost.

The two parts of the motor standard IEC 60034, part 2-1 and part 30, will provide an internationally uniform and accepted procedure for determining and classifying the level of efficiency of asynchronous AC motors.

The increasing diversity that has existed until now (previous part 2 of IEC60034, IEC 61972 or IEEE 112) will become a thing of the past, and manufacturers and users will have certainty.

The DR motor types DRS, DRE and DRP exceed the required levels of efficiency and are assigned to classes IE1, IE2 and IE3.

Your advantages
  • Very simple configuration and ordering
  • All motor variants are configured from just one series
  • Even more options, even fewer restrictions
  • Compact design saves space and costs
  • Future-proof, also as regards environmental protection (standards)
  • Integration means reduced costs for energy efficient motors Energy efficient motors in efficiency classes: Standard Efficiency, High Efficiency, Premium Efficiency
  • Choice of different brake sizes means reduced costs: up to three brake sizes for each motor size
  • The built-in encoder is fully integrated into the motor.