DTE / DVE Series

Minimise your motor life cycle costs and energy losses with SEW-Eurodrive’s DTE / DVE energy efficient series. The power options range from 0.75kW to 90kW.

Product Description

DTE / DVE Series

Energy Efficient Motors
  • Power: 0.75kW to 90kW
Systematic Energy Saving

Surprisingly few mechanical engineers and operators know that over 95% of a motor’s life cycle costs are energy costs. This is why only few plants are fitted with energy efficient motors.

In 2002, SEW-Eurodrive became the first company in the world to succeed in using die-cast copper technology in industrial high-volume series production. SEW-Eurodrive uses liquid copper to make the die-cast cage of the motor, which is available in the usual compact design.

The result: highly efficient energy-saving motors at a surprisingly competitive price. It goes without saying that the motors comply with all applicable European and international standards. Depending on the utilization of the production system, investments will pay off in less than one year!

Your advantages
  • Cost-effective, because energy is saved by minimizing energy losses
  • Compact, because motors include rotors with copper or aluminum die-cast cage
  • Customized, because numerous options, such as connectors, encoders, forced cooling fans, etc., allow the user to match the motor to the specific application
  • Country-specific certifications, because a wide range of motor types is available
  • High quality, because the most up-to-date methods are used in development and production
  • Can be combined with tried and tested SEW-EURODRIVE modular system
  • Optimized control characteristics
  • Surpasses EFF1 (Europe) / NAEEEC/MEPS (Australia) / EPact (USA) / C390 (Canada) / NBR7094 (Brazil)