A mutli-axis servo inverter, the MOVIAXIS® offers motion control at the highest level for all applications. The power options range from 10kW to 187kW.

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Product Description


Multi-Axis Servo Inverter
  • Power: 10kW to 187kW
Motion Control at the Highest Level

Technology and motion control functions that meet the highest standards, combined with maximum dynamics, energy-efficient components and global availability: All this is provided by SEW-Eurodrive’s modular system of highly dynamic servo drives.

MOVIAXIS® is the perfect multi-axis servo inverter for drive and automation solutions that save time, costs and effort.

Customise to Suit Your Application

The powerful and reliable MOVIAXIS® handles a variety of drive solutions and offers a wide range of communication and automation options for almost any application. Its big advantage is its high degree of flexibility: Depending on the desired machine and system concept, the MOVIAXIS® multi-axis servo drive can be combined flexibly and adapted to meet the specific requirements of the automation structures.

MOVIAXIS® has a central position in the portfolio of servo drive systems. It is perfectly integrated in the existing modular concept of SEW-Eurodrive, allowing for a multitude of drive automation solutions.

Overview of Benefits
  • On-board, free of charge technology integrated in the unit offers many solution options even in combination with a standard PLC
  • Motion control functionality can be enhanced in steps and can “grow” with the machine (unit internal technology, MOVI-PLC® basic, MOVI-PLC ® advanced).
  • Highly sophisticated features – Ethernet TCP/IP, USB, data storage, axis parameters/data auto re-load after axis replacement, Twin-CAN and many more
  • Optimum combination options with all other SEW drive products, for tailor-made solutions
  • Saves time in implementing motion control tasks, thanks to integrated functions
  • Quick and easy startup and operation thanks to graphical and user-guided interfaces
  • Multi-motor operation eliminates the need for additional inverters, e.g. for alignment tasks
  • Offers maximum dynamic response and control qualities for highly dynamic tasks
  • Requires little installation space – while enabling integral, simple convection cooling and high power density (250% overload capacity).

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