CMP / CMD Series

SEW-Eurodrives CMP / CMD series offers synchronous, compact, servo motor solutions for any application. The torque options range from 0.5Nm to 238Nm.

Product Description

CMP / CMD Series

Synchronous Compact Servo Motors
  • Torque: 0.5Nm to 238Nm
The Standard Drive Motor That Matches Any Application

Precision, high dynamics and powerful performance in a particularly compact design – these are the defining characteristics of the new CMP servomotors. Thanks to their optimized length, these motors can be used in even the smallest of spaces.

The new and highly dynamic servo motors round off the CMP servo motors offered by SEW-Eurodrive in the lower torque range: Static torques from 7.1Nm to 0.5Nm are available with three CMP motor sizes and a total of eight motor levels.

The latest in winding and magnet technology gives the CMP servo motors a low mass moment of inertia despite their optimized power performance. The result is a motor system with the highest possible dynamic characteristics.

Your Advantages
  • Highest dynamic characteristics
  • Compact, powerful design
  • Motors with low mass moment of inertia
  • Motors have high overload capacity, at least 4.5 x static torque
  • High quality of concentricity properties
  • Very quiet at all speeds, between 55 and 75 dBA
  • Direct mounting of planetary servo gear units or helical-bevel servo gear units