MOVITRAC® B from SEW-Eurodrive presents a compact and inexpensive, next generation frequency inverter. The power options range from 0.25kW to 75kW.

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Product Description


Compact and Inexpensive Frequency Inverter
  • Power: 0.25kW to 75kW

Single-phase and three-phase mains connection for AC 230V and 3-phase mains connection for AC400 to 500V.

“Unit modularity” and “smaller dimensions” are two of the most important criteria when selecting a frequency inverter for a specific application. SEW-EURODRIVE is aware of these requirements and, as a result, has designed a compact and economic solution with its target specific development of the MC07 series: MOVITRAC® B – the next generation frequency inverter.

Your Advantages
  • High-quality system components
  • High power range across all supply voltage ranges
  • High EMC protection
  • Simple operation and startup
  • Excellent price/performance ratio


Technical data
Power supply connection
Power range
230 V / 1-phase
0.25 to 2.2 kW
230 V / 3-phase
0.25 to 30 kW
400/500 V / 3-phase
0.25 to 75 kW


MOVITRAC® B options
Easy-to-use plug-in keypad
Parameter module
Plain text keypad
Communication module for networking MOVITRAC® B via SBus or RS-485 and for diagnostics and configuration using a PC.
Analog module with setpoint input, analog output and RS-485 interface
Setpoint control module
Fieldbus gateways for INTERBUS
UWS11A / UWS21B / USB11A
Interface adapter
DFP21B / DFE24B / DFE32B / DFE33B / DFD11B
Fieldbus interfaces PROFIBUS / EtherCat / PROFINET / EtherNet/IP / DeviceNet (CANopen integrated in basic unit)
Motion control programmable in IEC 61331 with powerful libraries
Application version with IPOSplus® programming
Safe stop in accordance with Cat. 3 for 3 AC 400 V units from 0.55 to 75 kW


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