Installed with a range of functions, along with a quick and easy installation for simple applications. The power options range from 0.37kW to 7.5kW.

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Product Description


Quick and easy for simple applications
  • Power: 0.37kW to 7.5kW

The new MOVITRAC® LTE B frequency inverters provides a range of functions, which are well adapted for simple applications.

Designed and developed for speed control in asynchronous motors, it is particularly economic when used in conveyor applications, e.g. for small, modular conveyor lines, fans and pumps.

It’s user-friendly design makes integration quick and easy. At the same time, it also meets the high quality requirements of SEW-EURODRIVE as a matter of course.

Special Environments

The MOVITRAC LTE B is available in three sizes for power ranges from 0.37kW to 7.5kW and supply voltages of 115V, 230V and 400V.

In addition to the standard version with enclosure IP20 for installation in the control cabinet, there is also a variant with enclosure IP55 / NEMA 12k, to be used under specific environmental conditions. In this way, these frequency inverters can do their job reliably and flexibly even when exposed to dust or water.


Technical data
Power supply connection
Power range
115 V / 1-phase
0.37 to 1.1 kW
230 V / 1-phase
0.37 to 2.2 kW
230 V / 3-phase
0.37 to 4.0 kW
400 V / 3-phase
0.75 to 7.5 kW
40 configurable parameters
Enclosure: IP20 / NEMA 1 (control cabinet)
Enclosure: IP55 / NEMA 12 for field applications
Integrated control panel for simple operation
Pull-out help card


External control panel for the control cabinet to be installed in IP54
DFx.. / UOH11B
Can be connected to all available field buses using the SEW Gateway
Parameter module for data transfer
Braking resistors
Line filter
Line chokes
Output choke


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