LS (Single Phase)

This is a totally enclosed, single-phase asynchronous motor, available in an aluminium frame. The power options range from 0.09kW to 5.5kW.

Product Description

Single Phase LS Series

Totally enclosed, single-phase asynchronous motors, according to IEC 60034, 60038, 60072.

Single Speed
  • Power: 0.09kW to 5.5kW
  • Frames: 56mm to 132mm
  • Speed: 2, 4 and 6 poles.

Standard version IP55 providing a good sealing to liquid projection and to dust in an industrial environment.

Class F standard winding, made on automatic machines providing reproducibility and reliability.
Impregnated on automatic assembly line with a tropicalised varnish class H providing a good operation in humid environments (up to 90 % relative humidity).

Aluminium squirrel-cage rotor poured under pressure, providing the rigidity of the rotating component, dynamically balanced.


For applications that require a high starting torque and a high permanent torque: model “PR” (with relay and start condenser, plus permanent condenser) up to and including frame size 90 inclusive.

For applications that do not require a high starting inertia: model “P” (with permanent condenser).

Individual Controls Before Expedition
  • Routine testing (testing without load, dielectric testing, resistance control and control of the direction of rotation).
  • Vibration level according to the class N and noise level in accordance with IEC 60034-9.

Assembled with protected screws.
Painting, RAL 6000 finish (green).
Protection of the flange and shaft end against atmospheric corrosion.
Individual anti-shock packing.

Mains Supply

 230V +10% -10% at 50Hz.