Capacitor Start / Induction Run – 0.12kW to 1.5kW

These motors are available from 71 to 90 frame.

Product Description

Single Phase Motors

  • Power: 0.12kW to 1.5kW
  • Frames: 2-EDA71M and 2-EDA90L
  • Speed: 2 and 4 pole

Single phase motors are used primarily in small workshops and farms with a domestic supply. Some industrial equipment are specifically for use with a single phase electricity supply, such as fans, blowers, centrifugal pumps and high pressure washers.

Dependent on the application, Brook Crompton are able to offer different types of single phase motors.

Features: Capacitor Start- EDA/TDA

Brook Crompton’s Capacitor Start/Induction Run (EDA) design, is available in outputs from 0.12kW to 1.5kW, with frame sizes 2-EDA71M and 2-EDA90L, in 2 and 4 pole speeds,

Direct-on-line starting with any spot voltage between 200-500V available. High starting performances suitable for industrial and agricultural applications of a more demanding nature. Starting torque is between 160% and 300% of full load torque according to frame size. Clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation of the shaft is available by re-connection.

Additional Information

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