R Series: Helical Geared Motors

These SEW-Eurodrive helical geared motors ensure an optimum ratio between power and space requirements. The torque options range from 31Nm to 18,000Nm.

Product Description

R Series

Helical Geared Motors

In six single-stage and fourteen two-stage and three-stage sizes, the helical gearmotors by SEW-Eurodrive ensure an optimum ratio between power and space requirements.

Available Versions

The following types of standard gear units are available within the R series:

  • Single-stage or multi-stage
  • Foot-mounted or flange-mounted
  • Foot-mounted and flange-mounted
  • Flange-mounted with extended bearing hub.


RX Series (Single-stage)
  • Motor Power: 0.12kW to 45kW
  • Output Torque: 36Nm to 830Nm
  • Gear Unit Reduction Ratio: 3.21 to 289.74

For high output speeds, the exclusively single-stage gear units RX57 to RX107 offer compact solutions for your system design.

R Series (Two-stage and Three-stage)
  • Motor Power: 0.09kW to 160kW
  • Output Torque: 31Nm to 18,000Nm
  • Gear Unit Reduction Ratio: 3.21 to 289.74
  • Multi-stage Gear Unit Reduction Ratio: 90 to 27,001.

SEW-Eurodrive’s complete range of helical gearmotors provides the optimum size and power solution for every drive task.

And for operators with a “weight-watching” issue, our multi-stage gear units provide something special: Thanks to their die-cast aluminum design, the models R07, R17 and R27 are three particularly efficient lightweights – ideal as satellite drives and for use in light machine constructions.

Reduced backlash helical gear units are also available for particularly precise requirements.

RM Series (Single-stage)
  • Motor Power: 0.12kW to 160kW
  • Output Torque: 270Nm to 18,000Nm
  • Gear Unit Reduction Ratio: 4.29 to 289.74
  • Multi-stage Gear Unit Reduction Ratio: 134 to 27,001.

RM gearmotors with extended output bearing hub are a special type of helical gearmotor. They were designed especially for agitating applications and allow for high overhung and axial loads and bending moments.

The remaining data corresponds to that of standard helical gearmotors.

Your Benefits
  • High power density
  • Long service life
  • R37 to R167 reduced backlash option
  • RM series, specially designed for agitating applications
  • The tried and tested modular concept and our strict quality criteria allow SEW-Eurodrive to provide a diverse range of torques and gear ratios with incomparably finely tuned gradings. With this exceptional diversity, SEW-Eurodrive sets new standards in the field of drive engineering.

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