Leroy Somer’s PLSES series provides an Open Drip Proof IP23 motor, with the IE2 high efficiency class. The power options range from 30kW to 900kW.

Product Description

PLSES Series

An IP23 IE2 Motor

Open Drip Proof, three-phase asynchronous motors, according to IEC 60034, 60066, 60072.

Single Speed
  • Power: 30kW to 900kW
  • Frames: 180mm to 400mm
  • Speed: 2 and 4 poles, 230/400V or 400V Δ, 50Hz.

Standard version IP23 providing excellent motor cooling through internal ventilation.

Mains Supply

• Standard according IEC 60038:

 230/400V +10% -10% at 50Hz.

• Standard construction suitable for the following mains supplies:

 220/380V +5% -5% at 50 Hz
 230/400V +10% -10% at 50Hz
 240/415V +5% -5% at 50Hz
 265/460V +5% -5% at 60Hz.

Construction allows Υ/Δ starting.