The SL (2 Quadrant) and SLX (4 Quadrant) models are compact, reliable and efficient DC motor controllers, capable of providing motor speed control up to 330A.

Product Description


Analogue DC Motor Control
  • SL – 2 Quadrant
  • SLX – 4 Quadrant
  • Current: up to 330 Amps
  • Power: 145kW/190HP
Compact & Reliable Solutions

SL 2 Quadrant and SLX 4 Quadrant models are compact, reliable and efficient dc motor controllers.

The 4Q models improve your energy efficiency by regenerating energy into the mains supply whilst under braking. The energy invested accelerating the load mass is recovered when braking. No dissipation of energy in wasteful braking resistors.

With fully isolated control electronics and a wealth of I/O, the SL/X are easy for you to integrate with other drives and equipment.

To allow you greater control of high motor speed applications, the SL/X has a built-in field weakener for extended speed range.

Overview of Models:
  • Control DC motors up to 330 Amps (145kW/190HP)
  • 2 Quadrant SL
  • 4 Quadrant SLX
  • Compact size saves panel space and makes for easy retrofitting
  • Numerous alarms for enhanced drive and motor protection
  • Adjustable field output for easy motor matching
  • Automatic economy field mode protects motors in cold climates
  • Isolated control electronics for easy integration
  • Built in field weakener for extended speed range
  • Extra 50% peak torque for rapid acceleration or shock loads
  • Many additional input and output signals, ideal for system applications
  • Field current input for constant horsepower applications
  • Output signals for easy display of motor speed and load
  • Zero reference interlock facility ideal for extruder applications
  • High accuracy armature Voltage feedback mode eliminates the need for additional tach in most applications
  • 240V to 480V 50/60Hz AC operation
  • Torque control input for basic winding or tension control, with overspeed limiting
  • PLC compatible input and output signals
  • Delayed field quench for secure emergency stopping