This is a variable speed brake motor, with a DC brake option, available in an aluminium frame. The power options range from 7.5kW to 132kW.

Product Description


Centralised Variable Speed Motors

General use, enclosed, three-phase asynchronous brake motors, with failsafe continuous current (DC) brake, according to IEC 60034, 60072, EN50281.
Separate mains supply to the motor and brake.
Voltage 180V.

Single Speed
  • Power: 7.5kW to 132kW
  • Frames: 160mm to 280mm
  • Speed: 4 and 6 poles, 230/400V or 400V Δ, 50Hz.

• IP55 protection for the motor.
• IP44 protection for the brake.

Operating as a Variable Speed Motor

Fitted with thermal probes in winding (obligatory).


• Brake

 Brake voltage (20V, 100V, 200V or other)
 Release lever
 Brake release indicator
 Brake lining wear indicator
 Encoder: standard 1024 points, supply 5V
 Encoder 2 way + top 0 + supplementary way
 Connection by 12 pin connector
 Special position of the brake terminal box on request
 Electronic boost card to reduce response time

• Motor

 Construction suitable for Y / Δ starting
 PTO, PTF, PTC thermal protection
 Anti-condensation heaters
 Forced ventilation

Finish: Aluminium housing

Routine test, no load test, dielectric test, control of the resistance and direction of rotation.
Honing and traceability of the brake disk.

Brake Motor Mains Supply

• Standard construction according to IEC 38:

 230/400V +10% -10% at 50Hz.

» Standard construction suitable for the following mains supply:
 220/380V +5 % –5 % at 50Hz
 240/415V +5% –5% at 50Hz

• The 400V supply is supplied to the motor through a rectifier S0 7 or an electronic boost card.