Aluminium – Metric

These motors are available from 80 to 132 frames.

Product Description

Variable Speed W Motors

  • Power: 0.55kW to 7.5kW
  • Frames: 80 to 132
  • Speed: 2 and 4 pole

The Brook Crompton Integrated Variable Speed ‘W’ motor (VSM) combines an efficient, highly adaptable W aluminium motor with a purpose designed frequency inverter

The VSM’s perfectly matched motor and inverter has been designed to improve the performance of machinery and mechanical handling systems as well as increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of fan and pump systems.

The VSM fits within the same envelope as the equivalent W motor and has the same facility for mounting the terminal box (including the inverter) on the top or either side of the motor. This allows for considerable space saving and flexibility when fitting the VSM to an existing piece of equipment.

The close electrical and mechanical coupling of the inverter and motor means there is no need for extra cabling so you can avoid EMC problems and voltage spikes.

  • 3ph, 380-480V, 50-60Hz
  • IP55 protection
  • IEC, BS & DIN standards
  • CE marked
  • High efficiency/Low noise
  • Programmable input/output
  • RFI class 1A
  • Multi-Mount flexibility
  • Brake kit adaptable
  • Easy to dismantle unit
  • Fits in the space of a standard motor

Additional Information

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