Why Refurbished Motors are a Better Solution Than Replacing Motors

The motors within industrial machinery endure a considerable amount of wear and tear. Over time, they will naturally need maintenance. However, it is a simple fact that such mechanisms will eventually require a complete overhaul. These are the instances when an owner could be debating whether a refurbishment is the best option or it is wisest to replace the entire unit. To appreciate the benefits of a professional refurbishment, we need to look at a few of the primary advantages which can be enjoyed.

Cost Savings

Of course, cost is the bottom line of any industry. One of the issues with larger machines is that new motors will be priced significantly higher than the cost of a refurbishment. Therefore, the return on investment is frequently worth the effort. Although a new motor is likely to come with a warranty attached, one must still balance this against the one-off cost. For those who may be on a tight budget, refurbishment is the best option.

Outdated Machinery?

It is quite common for an older motor to be found within an outdated machine. This could present a very real problem. It is not entirely unrealistic for manufacturers to cease production on previous models. This is intended to force the customer to purchase a newer version. Once again, this can quickly eat into any liquid capital. In comparison to upgrading and adapting an entire assembly system, it is much more pragmatic to rebuild an existing unit from the ground up.

In-House Expertise

A final factor which is commonly overlooked involves the familiarity with an older motor or other mechanical system. It is likely that employees and supervisors will have a basic working knowledge of its components.

Thus, any future problems may be able to be diagnosed utilising in-house methods as opposed to employing a call-out service which will cost money and take time. Also, there is less of a learning curve associated with refurbished motors; little (if any) additional training is required. We should also recall that newer motors are often controlled by proprietary computer software. In some cases, this may require the inclusion of additional systems into a plant.

So, there are some distinct advantages in terms of motor refurbishment. In terms of monetary savings, quick installation and in-house familiarity, it is clear to appreciate why such an option is commonly chosen by numerous industries from around the world.

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