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ABB Servo and AC/DC Motors Repairs

Positioned at the highest level of quality for their process automation, electric motors, robotic technology and machinery for the rotating industry, ABB have a reputation that precedes them. ABB products are widely used in industries stretching from aluminium production and automotive, to data centres, oil & gas and wind power.

At Alpha Electrics, we have enjoyed over 20 years working with ABB products. From small components and motors, to large scale machinery, we have a wealth of experience in the repair of the broad range of products ABB produce. With a direct relationship with their UK team, our component sourcing for ABB repairs is fast and efficient.

ABB Servo Motor Repair:

ABB boasts of a large range of high power and high performing servo motors, including the ESM, HDS and HY explosion proof models, which can also be equipped with forced ventilation units too.
These are commonly used in the packaging, textile, printing and food and beverage sectors, to name but a few.

Upon receipt of your servo motor, our trained technicians can carry out your inspection within just 2 hours, and provide you with a detailed quote for repair. Whether it’s foreign debris, dirt or grime build ups or overheating, our repair team is trained specifically with ABB servo motors in addressing a wide variety of problems.

Providing you are happy with the initial quote we provide, our team can typically complete a repair within 4 - 5 business days utilising our specialist electrical and mechanical testing hub, priority turnaround is available for business critical situations.

Alpha Electrics can also support with some ABB Servo Drive repairs, please contact us for more information.

ABB AC/DC Motor Repair:

Our AC/DC Motor repair work covers the majority of ABB motor ranges, including the AMI, MNI, HXR and NXR models.

ABB AC/DC Motors are often found within the paper manufacturing and sectors where machinery is used 24/7, due the quality and reliability of ABB parts.

Upon receiving your ABB AC/DC Motor, we investigate the problem by utilising our mechanical and electrical testing hub which can highlight the exact areas for repair. A repair report is created outlining all the issues we’ve found along with the proposed solution and a quotation. Once you agree, we then proceed with our proposed repairs.

Our repair work is thorough & efficient and our team can also provide alternative options if a repair is not possible, such as quickly sourcing a like-for-like model. If a like-for-like replacement is not available, Alpha Electrics can also suggest other options from our network of high quality AC/DC motor brands.

The average turnaround time for an ABB AC/DC motor repair is around 4 - 5 working days. We also offer a faster service for critical motors, sometimes within 2 - 3 hours depending on the fault. Post repair we put all aspects of your ABB motor to the test, ensuring it is fully operational before being returned.

Alpha Electrics can also support with some ABB Inverter Drive repairs, please contact us for more information.

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