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ATEK are regarded as one of the highest quality manufacturers of industrial gearboxes. From agriculture and glass production, all the way to the oil industry, ATEK have been supplying some of the finest gearboxes for over 72 years and Alpha Electrics have been working alongside them for repairs for over 10 years.

​ATEK Gearbox Repairs:

Alpha Electrics repair a vast array of ATEK gearboxes, including the worm, hypoid, mini, bevel, gear motor, servo and planetary models.

Whether it is dry lubrication oil, worn out bearings from overuse, mechanical parts seizing or locking up, or worn out gear wheels, Alpha Electrics have a specialised team trained in repairing any ATEK gearbox.

To commence your gearbox repair, we will arrange a thorough inspection at our premises in Leicester which will involve testing and examination to outlining the exact faults. We will then provide a quotation for any replacement parts and repairs.

As always, the 1-year guarantee on all Alpha Electrics repairs gives you full reassurance in the work we carry out on your ATEK gearbox. If a fault relating to our repair emerges, you can return it to us free of charge and we will resolve the issue immediately.

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1-Year Warranty On All Repairs