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EBARA Pump & Pump Motor Repairs

EBARA have earned themselves a reputation for reliable, high performing products, their team produces pumps from durable materials to withstand the harshest of environments. Since their foundation in 1912 as a pump manufacturer, EBARA continues to strive towards better energy conservation, and a smaller carbon footprint, with the development of such products as the Dry Vacuum Pump. EBARA products can be found in a wide array of industries including domestic and residential, agriculture, industrial, civil and commercial.

Alpha Electrics have enjoyed 20+ years maintaining EBARA products, and our team are capable of part sourcing and complete repairs with impressive turnaround times.

EBARA Pump & Pump Motor Repairs:

At Alpha Electrics we test and repair the vast majority of EBARA pumps including: submersible, surface, borehole, pressure boosting and circulating pumps.
Pump motors are hard working and are exposed to a variety of pressures and environments that can cause breakages over time. However, when breakage occurs it can still typically be faster and more economical to repair your pump than replace it.

Once we have received your faulty EBARA pump our team gets to work immediately, with an initial inspection. With over two decades of working with EBARA, our team can quickly unearth the exact faults with your pump system including:

- Motors windings faults
- Bearing imbalances
- Mechanical seal failures
- Water ingress
- Coolant or oil leaks
- Damage to seal housings
- Casting corrosion

Any faults discovered will be clearly outlined in a quotation along with a proposal of how we intend to fix these.

At Alpha Electrics, we typically have a stock of parts which are suitable for EBARA repairs which often means our repairs are faster than many competitors. All repairs are typically carried out within a 4 - 5 day timeframe, and a fast track option is available for business critical situations where issues can often be resolved in as little as 2 - 3 hours.

For added reassurance, we provide you with a 1-year warranty on all repairs carried out.

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