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​Reputed to be the ‘Rolls Royce’ of electric pump manufacturers, Grundfos have a reputation of excellence that precedes them. From commercial and domestic buildings, to water sanitation and agriculture, Grundfos manufactures for a wide range of industrial applications. A long-standing direct relationship means we are able to source spare parts quickly and efficiently.

1-Year Warranty On All Repairs

Looking to repair your Grundfos motor or drive?

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Grundfos Pump Motor Repairs:

Our pump repair service includes the full range of Grundfos pumps including the circulator, horizontal split case, immersible, encapsulated and submersible wastewater models.

Alpha Electrics has a proven process for diagnosing and repairing any one of the above Grundfos pump types. Our Grundfos trained technicians use both pressure and leak tests in the repair process (especially for pumps dealing with sewage and purification) and with our direct supply relationship with Grundfos UK, we have quick access to replacement parts if required.

Grundfos AC Motor Repair:

Our Grundfos AC motor repair work includes the MG, ML, MGE, MLE, MMS (submersible) range and motors for front end configuration. Faults relating to Grundfos AC motors can range from electrical faults with the windings, either due to contamination, or surge fault. Mechanical problems such as worn shafts and worn bearing housings are also common, and we have a full in-house machining facility to rebuild your motor back to the original specification.

Once we have received your AC motor, our team investigates the cause of the problem, providing you with a quotation, and are typically able to turnaround a full motor repair in approximately 4 - 5 working days. Faster turnarounds are also available for business critical situations.

Once repaired, our engineers conduct a final testing phase using specialist equipment, and with each Grundfos AC motor repair, a 1-Year warranty is given for reassurance in the work we have carried out.