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Hedenhain Motors and Drives Repairs

Heidenhain designs and manufactures linear encoders, angle encoders, rotary encoders, digital readouts, and CNC controls for positioning tasks. With Heidenhain’s new TN7 control interface their reputation for innovation increases day by day. Our Heidenhain sourcing and repair service applies to connectors, cables and encoders to name but a few.

Heidenhain Linear Encoder Repair:

Heidenhain have built a legacy of success around their encoder manufacturing, whether their Rotary, Angle, Modular Angle, Linear, or PI Series encoder range, Alpha Electrics are more than equipped to handle any encoder repair work.

Our trained technicians can inspect your faulty encoder utilising our Heidenhain PWM21 standard work bench in the repair process. Whether it’s degraded aluminium housing seals, positioning faults, LED failures, or contaminants tripping out circuitry, our Heidenhain trained team are more than capable in addressing the majority of faults and issues.

Most encoder repair work takes an average of 4-8 hours to complete upon receiving the encoder. Once the encoder is repaired and tested, we can provide a detailed test report, showing the improved performance of your encoder.

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Heidenhain Servo Motor Repair:

Our Heidenhain servo motor repair hub now supports repairs to the new powerful QSY and 260B/C models from the EcoDyn series, used in precision engineering tasks such as CNC metalworking.

To source the nature of your fault we test all electrical and mechanical aspects of your Heidenhain servo motor. Once a repair quote is approved, our engineers then disassemble your motor and ensure careful repair and replacement of any faulty parts.

All repair work is then thoroughly tested in our Heidenhain workbench, a system that allows for detailed performance analysis and fault diagnosis of your motor before returning it back to you anywhere in the UK.

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Heidenhain Servo Drive Repairs:

Alpha Electrics’ longstanding ties with Heideinhain mean a fast and effective collaboration for any servo drive repair issue, should product parts or details be required. This means our repair service is ideal when up against tight deadlines.

We fully understand the disruption a faulty servo drive creates, whether its failure in CNC machines, or shutting down of conveyor lines, this is why we always prioritise critical work for fast turnarounds to ensure your business can resume operations.

Our Heidenahain repair hub restores your faulty servo drive quickly and effectively whether it is struggling with moisture ingress, clogging from dust or oil, switch malfunctions, or poor installations.

Our team can disassemble and clean your drive, replacing any faulty parts in the process. Once your faulty drive is repaired we will carry out a full detailed testing report to ensure it is safe and ready to resumer operations.

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