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KEB is regarded as a premium servo motor and brake manufacturer, producing technology found in industries ranging from material handling and medical technology to robotics and automation.

KEB industrial brakes are typically used alongside servo motor brands such as Schneider Electric, B&R Automation, Bautz, Jetter and of course their own (KEB) servo motors. 

The Alpha Electrics workshop is equipped with a specialist testing environment for such servo motors brands.

1-Year Warranty On All Repairs

Looking to repair your KEB motor or drive?

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KEB Servo Motor Repairs:

Alpha Electrics holds a 20+ year relationship with KEB and our servo motor repair work extends to series such as the TA and DL models.

KEB servo motors are hardworking and over time are exposed to many external forces issues, including dust and contamination, and overload, this can often lead to electrical faults and wear and bearing failures. Our team is trained specifically to address all these issues and more.

All KEB servo motors can be supplied with brake assemblies, resolvers, force vent fans and encoders. Alpha Electrics can also support with the repair and replacement of these supporting elements too.

In repairing your faulty KEB Servo Motor, our first step is to conduct a thorough inspection typically within 2 hours of receipt, outlining a full quotation of any issues encountered along with a detailed proposal of how we intend to carry out the work.

The turnaround time for a KEB servo motor repair is between 4 - 5 working days on a standard service. We can also offer a fast track system for business critical situations, where our team can fulfil repairs in as little as 2 - 3 hours. For added reassurance, we provide you with a 1-year warranty on all repairs carried out.

If upon inspection, your servo motor is beyond repair, our team can typically source a replacement through our procurement network at a competitive speed and price.

KEB Brake Repairs:

Our KEB brake repair process includes both mechanical testing for problems such as corrosion, damage and weakening of the friction pad or brake hub, and electrical testing for damaged brake coils with a possible rewind or replacement solution.

Once we have received your damaged brake, our team typically can identify the root cause of the problem within 2 hours.

If a repair is possible we will then provide you with a quotation, and are typically able to turn around a full brake repair in approximately 4 - 5 working days. Faster turnaround times can be made for business critical situations.

Once repaired, our engineers conduct a testing phase, and with each KEB brake repair a 1-year warranty is given for reassurance in the work we have carried out.

KEB Servo Motor and Brake Sourcing:

Whether your application is material handling, wind energy or woodworking, Alpha Electrics can utilise our extensive sourcing network and long-standing relationship with KEB to source replacement parts to suit your needs.

Our sourcing service extends to a wide variety of servo motors including the DL3 and TA series, and also to brakes including the Spring Applied, Combistop, Combiperm and Combinorm ranges.

New replacement parts currently have an approximate lead time of only 9 weeks.

Contact us for support in sourcing and replacing the above products.